Introducing 3mSage

The purpose of this site is to introduce the multifaceted experiences, thoughts, interests and competencies of the 3mSage.

Donald C. Lambert

3m, simply enough, represents Management, Marketing, Media… in this context, not to be confused with any other entity who may own trademarks and/or copyrights to the letters 3M. I am simply breaking down the letters and name 3msage for explanation purposes. In other words there is no piracy, infringement or maliciousness intended or desired.

Management is a passion. It is a process of strategic planning, organization, discipline and implementation among a group under the leadership of a visionary who orchestrates methodologies through people willing to accomplish the goals of the entity they serve. The conductor of a philharmonic orchestra implements management skills to please and entertain audiences. The entrepreneur envisions a product or service and manages the steps of the company which are necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives set forth to bring the offering to market.

Marketing, then, is the engine that drives getting the product/service into use by those who can benefit from the offering. The marketing function of an organization has great power to influence the decision making process and behaviors of those in the marketplace. And must always be mindful that with great power comes great responsibility.

Media represents the channels of influence used to develop awareness of the offering, generate interest among those who will benefit from it and create desire for customers to become involved in using the offering to their pleasure and service.

Finally, a sage is one who possesses a keen sense of insight and foresight in analyzing situations and circumstances wisely with acute discernment and consideration of relevant factors that shape key relationships. The sage births sensible and sometimes clever solutions to sometimes elusive, fragmented or vague problems.

If you have read this far, perhaps you would join me in exclaiming Harrumph! Now that was fun, wasn’t it?

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