Donald Lambert featured in Global CMO Magazine

“Making the List”, Donald Lambert is featured among “50 Marketing Leaders Over 50 You Should Know.”  The April 2013 Issue of Global CMO Magazine, an international publication of Global Marketing Network on line presents an article representing the list of 50 over 50 initiated by Alan See who is ranked as the 3rd most followed Chief Marketing Officer on Twitter by Social Media Marketing Magazine. “Since I have nearly 60 thousand followers I was confident there would be at least 50 profiles representing marketing leaders over 50 years of age that are street smart, innovative and still doing remarkable work. I just needed to identify them, and hope they would admit to being over 50! I also wanted to ask them two questions:

1. How and where do you find innovative ideas?
2. What’s the best way to keep your eye on the future?”

Donald Lambert’s insightful response follows:

“Donald Lambert
Twitter Followers: 130
Title: Consultant
Company: Management, Marketing, Media

1. Observation, Listening, Brainstorming: Taking a careful, thoughtful and active interest in the question that needs to be answered. Learning: After 25 years in broadcast communications management, I decided to return to university and complete the degree uncompleted years earlier. I found it invigorating being surrounded by many bright young people who were eager to tell me that this or that is not how things are looked at today. I have tried to glean the best of the best from the experience. Read and watch movies for knowledge, stimulation and inspiration.
2. Nurture Optimism: Always believe there are hope and a future that can be better than today or yesterday. Embrace discontentment: Revel in successes briefly and move on knowing today’s innovation can be improved. Foster an environment of forgiveness: Innovation can only occur where stumbling, falling and periodic misdirection is accepted as part and parcel to trying new things. Keep trying. Refer back to the 1st point: Nurture Optimism.” *

Donald Lambert provides management and marketing consulting services for large, medium and small business owners who want to grow by implementing research based strategic planning for purposeful and controlled success. He is an active member of the AMA (American Marketing Association). He is insightful in effective use of social media, digital marketing media, as well as conventional media, consumer insights and behavior. An advertising agency owner in Cincinnati once said, “…and Don is the best guerrilla marketer I have ever seen.”

Click the link to view the Global CMO Magazine article which begins on page 23*. Or the original 50 Marketing Leaders Over 50 You Should Know * by Alan See.

Contact Donald Lambert for consulting or employment opportunities. Age has little to do with capability, competency or skills. There are many very young people with excellent potential; there are many older marketers and managers with great wisdom and drive who excel in what they do.

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