Thanksgiving from the Heart

Every year, for nearly ten now, we have hosted international students from Northern Kentucky University to join us for Thanksgiving. This tradition began with us co-hosting with friends who lived near the campus and made a point of outreaching to the international population. Our eyes were opened to reach out to our foreign friends when I happened on a statistic that indicated fewer than 10% of international students ever step foot in an American’s home. There are usually 30-40 people who join us in our small 3 bedroom home, normally 1/2 to 2/3 are from other countries.

Here are some of the comments we get:  “Hi Don! I love how you have Thanksgiving dinner every year for friends… This is so inspired me!” (student from Asia)

“I had the chance to visit your farm two years ago with a good friend of mine. I can still remember that we came without a prior arrangement but even still, your family treated us with warm greetings and delicious food. I want to tell you that I carried this experience all the way to my country, Saudi Arabia, to explain to them how generous and welcoming the American culture is.” (Student from Saudi Arabia)

We host to make friends and share God’s love. The comments are shared to encourage you and others to extend a warm hand of welcome to young people of other nations who are guests in ours.

Be forever thankful…

Donald C. Lambert

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