Job Search – Purpose

by Donald C. Lambert, 3mSage

The purpose of this site is to provide easily accessible information for potential employers. 3mSage.com allows HR professionals and business owners to peruse the site to learn a bit more about my experience. I believe, wise hiring decisions are founded in discovering a candidate’s skills and competencies, experience, knowledge, personality, values and character. You are invited to explore deeper. Contact me by clicking the link or clicking the Contact Me tab.

I attained a BS in Marketing with a minor in Management from Northern Kentucky University’s Haile/US Bank College of Business. Now, my services are offered to an organization that can benefit from the knowledge of a fresh graduate, the experience of a field tested leader and the sage of, as I have been called, an entrepreneurial renaissance manager.

If your company desires to benefit from strategy development employing research based implementation for success, please, contact me to arrange a free, no obligation interview.

If you have questions, comments, ideas for leads or desire additional information, feel free to contact Donald C. Lambert.

Thank You. And remember, ‘Do all the right stuff and the money will come.’ Bringing me into your operation is a guaranteed good first step.

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